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Magician.NYC & | New York's Uncanniest | Director | Screenwriter | Satirist | All Around Nice Guy
The three fountain pens I use the most, from top to bottom: Pilot Custom 823, Pilot Custom 742, Conklin All-American

How to be the best version of yourself — from the POV of a magician

The author, in 2019

The opposite of 3D printing, subtracting material is an exacting science, but it’s possible to do well on a budget.

Finished products: a wristwatch I made using a skeletonized dial I designed and fabricated using my CNC machine.

We can do the impossible without the need for harmful myths.

Dumbo and his magic feather, from this great piece about dealing with anxiety.

A normal watch is a temporal stick-shift.

Possibly the best all-around dive watch in the world: the all-titanium Tudor Pelagos, image from TudorWatches. For the price of it, you could buy almost 4 much more practical dive computers, or a used Honda Civic.

TLDR: Game Theory

I call this one “Doc Johnson, R-Wis”. Parody of image found here.

Do you really wish we still spoke like it was the 1200s?

Superman with a mask and a flag, in space, by yours truly. Not bad for a drawing done with a mouse, huh?

The Elephant In The Senate

The Party of ????

I’m wearing a digital watch more than anything else these days. Here’s why.

Mister Lichtenstein

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