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The three fountain pens I use the most, from top to bottom: Pilot Custom 823, Pilot Custom 742, Conklin All-American

I used to write with Onyx brand rollerball pens. Not only was I a total addict but I also had this OCD thing about needing to have a fresh one on hand at all times. I liked to take notes with these pens, writing on eye-ease paper in neat, block letters. In short, I was missing out.

These days we do a lot of our writing with keyboards. Even when I was a student carrying around those God-awful rollerballs, I’d take my notes home at the end of the day and type them up. These days, and especially during the…

G-Code for a 3018 CNC when you want to make 2 sided projects

I use this program on my CNC to make a spoilboard bed for 2 sided projects. I generally use scrap wood or MDF for spoilboard. I cut the wood to the size of the bed, then drill holes for the bolts I use to secure it to the bed. Then I run this program. I use Candle as my controller, and I have a manual spindle.

This program runs with horizontal rastering, in case I’m using wood. The “stripes” indicate 1cm incriments.

An Op-Ed By Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC)

Me, Congressman Madison Cawthorn, which is who I am.

I, Congressman Madison Cawthorn, recently took a trip to my local library. It’s an institution that defies capitalism by lending out books for free. I went there so I could return an overdue copy of The Game I borrowed (and subsequently forgot about) in my formative years. For my alleged and unproven tardiness, I was charged a total of ten US dollars.

Knowing The Difference Between a Hard Fork and a Knight’s Fork

Photo by Billy Pinig on Scopio

Even if you haven’t turned to nontrivial blockchain to juice your P/O ratio, learnings in this space won’t make your vaporware any crunchier. The trick no one is talking about when it comes to developers is the emotional intelligence necessary to leverage peripheral assets in your vertical.

No matter how many permalancers you’ve got in your silos, using a wireframe in a distributed cloud won’t change your users’ internet of behaviors. MX Design only gets you so far without resorting to quantum computing. …

…And Also Not Spout BS About Vaccines

I’m submitting this as Nicki Minaj’s new Twitter banner.

Much ink has been spilled on the subject of noted health expert Dr. Nicki Minaj’s (DBS) take on her cousin’s friend’s older brother’s former college roommate’s COVID19 vaccine side effects. Jokes were told about why she shouldn’t listen to “her cousin’s” BS stories about their friend, etc. Here’s a condensed timeline of the facts.

The real crux of the issue is that by posting that she’s holding off on the vaccine while she does her “research”, and by the way her cousin’s friend’s balls swelled up, she caused harm to the world. While Americans have the…

The best interactions are the most miraculous.

Photo by yours truly.

Earlier in the pandemic, while confined to performing in my spare room in front of a backdrop, I performed for and lectured for Google. More specifically, I lectured on how magic isn’t just an analog to UX, it is UX.

The product is an experience we call magic. The mechanism is a performer we call a magician. The product can only exist in the mind of the user: the audience. After performing, teaching the assembled a couple of beginner magic tricks and explaining some of the finer points of the performance of said tricks, I got into the weeds on…

My mouth is so dry…

Photo by Shadia Amen on Scopio

NEW YORK, NY(?) — A new study published by nine scientific research institutions showed that um… something… wait… I think it was… It was like um… I’m gonna re-read what I just wrote and get back here. Okay, it was definitely about speech. Or cannabis. And or cannabis. And it’s important.

So yeah.

Anyway, so they had like, all these people smoking weed for science, right? I mean, isn’t that amazing? We should try that at the next G7 summit, amirite? We could call it the G13 summit! I am so funny you guys! So like, the scientists, right? Did…

Or Sane

My Sainsmart CNC with the new Z-axis that’s probably breaking everything.

I’ve been messing around with a 3018 CNC machine for a while now. When I started out, I assumed owning it would be like owning a printer; you don’t need to know the innards because there’s a warranty and a company that wants to replace broken bits for you. Boy was I wrong.

I opted for the Sainsmart 3018 PROver, a slightly sturdier version of their 3018 CNC machine. I was a total noob, which is appropriate given the fact that this machine is meant as an entry-level machine. …

A review of the new Faber Castell ‘Ambition’ fountain pen.

The Faber Castell Ambition atop my Victorinox Huntsman with custom scales

First, a disclosure. Faber Castell gave me this pen. Did they pay me money for this review? No. Did they ask me to review the pen? Yes. Will I say it’s great because of that? No. Will I say it’s great at all? Read on, dear friend…

What is “modern design”? Most folks get a very specific design language in mind when they read those two words. They think of design that is unsentimental, straightforward, form-follows-function, with all the unnecessary flair pared away to reveal the object’s essence. For the European brands like Faber Castell, companies often drawing from the…

Photo by Warren West on Scopio

NEW YORK — According to a new paper published in the journal Nature, a family of wild boars in the Voděradské Bučiny National Nature Reserve organized a cage breakout of two piglets, further underscoring how delicious bacon is.

According to the paper, “Whether driven by empathy or not, some researchers suggest that rescue behaviour might also be present in other taxa. However, because of the rare occasions where this phenomenon is documented, it isn’t possible to make definitive statements about whether or not these animals are as delicious as wild boars.”

While the study provides references to other species documented…

Mister Lichtenstein

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