Mister Lichtenstein
Mister Lichtenstein

What do I write here? Satire. No, wait. Satire and opinion. And think pieces. Okay, so satire, opinion, and think pieces. And occasionally I write about other interests like pocket knives, watches, and making things with my CNC machine. And magic. Magic like David Copperfield, not magic like Merlin. Okay, so it's satire, opinion, think pieces, pocket knives, watches, CNC stuff and magic. Simple and of a theme, no?

I'm a second-generation magician, a screenwriter, producer, and recreational horologist with a love of martial arts and a thorough art school education. I grew up in Manhattan. I traveled around the US, Mexico, Canada, Britain, Ireland, and Europe. I worked for US network news for nearly a decade, before deciding I'd rather not watch people being shot or blown apart every day.

When asked for my job at immigration, I list "professional magician" because that's both true and easy to grasp. What's less easy to grasp is that I perform magic as my day job so I can pursue my great love of screenwriting and filmmaking. As I do more of those things, I find I have less time for magic, but magic always plays a role in my work, as being a magician means thinking about things a little differently.

I joined Medium back when I started writing satire for political groups, so I'd have somewhere to publish the edgier content. I posted frequently for a long time, at various times becoming a top writer in categories as diverse as satire, humor, and confusingly, food. Now, because I do so much writing outside of Medium, I post less often, but when I do, I make sure it's worthy of my loyal audience.

I also frequent Twitter and Instagram, where I post my pithy thoughts and snappy photos, respectively.

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