Study Shows Once You’re In The nWo, You’re In The nWo 4 Life

Patients 0, 1, and 2 cited has having been the first to become nWo 4 life.

STAMFORD, CT — A study published today by researchers at University of Connecticut Stamford points to a powerful correlation between being in the nWo even momentarily, and being in the nWo 4 life. The study, commissioned by the Ric Flair School of Smackdown Studies pointed to the longevity of the nWo, and even the enduring nostalgia for it long after it was gone.

“Even people who try to leave the NWO find themselves in nWo Wolfpac, or the lWo,” said doctor of kayfabe Joshua Morgenstein.

“There is a bright side, however,” continued Dr. Morgenstern, “being in the nWo radically increases the odds of suing a major media institution into oblivion.”

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